Thanks for deciding to continue to be part of CSE’s community of scholarly editors in 2021!

CSE’s 2021 Special Membership Package ($159)

CSE is offering the CSE 2021 Special Membership Package at $159 to new or renewing members in response to the unusual environment that science editors are operating in. Editors may participate in CSE as a Worldwide Member with some of the special pricing discounts for meetings, events, and webinars. The special pricing offers flexibility so editors may join or renew CSE membership through unanticipated circumstances.   

This special CSE membership package provides:

-       eligibility to vote, run for office, and serve on CSE committees
-       full Worldwide Membership discount to attend the CSE annual meeting
-       10% discount on all other paid CSE events, webinars, and educational offerings
-       online-only access to Science Editor

How do I transition to the 2021 CSE Special Membership Package?
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CSE Staff will adjust your membership record and email you to confirm. You can then complete your 2021 renewal by making an online payment or by using the check or wire payment details that will be included.

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