1 thing X 30 days of hustle = Infinite Possibilities.

That’s the simple formula we’re using for the new challenge I’m launching soon!

The reason this challenge works is that you get a comprehensive eBook, daily reminders, a supportive community to cheer you on and for the first time, daily videos. That’s right, I’m filming 30 different videos to help you stay motivated and on track.

HOWEVER, I do need your help. Before I finish all the videos I want to make sure I've covered as much as possible, especially the things that matter most to you.

Please take 90 seconds to answer this wicked short survey.

(I’ll add you to the 30 Days of Hustle email list so that you can see how your feedback helped shape the challenge!)

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* 1. Please answer the following.

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* 2. What is the biggest question about hustling on a dream I NEED to address in the 30DOH Challenge?

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* 3. Is there a second question/idea/obstacle/huge thing that always wrecks your resolutions that I NEED to address in the 30DOH Challenge?