L&D Survey

Welcome to findcourses.com's first annual L&D survey! We're looking into how different industries are approaching talent development and what the best departments have in common. This is a great opportunity see how your L&D department stacks up against others in your industry.

We'll release our results in a comprehensive report in January, 2017. If you would like an early copy of the survey results, leave your email address at the end of the survey.

Your name and the name of your organization will not be published in relation to this study.

* 1. Does your professional role involve Learning & Development?

* 2. How many employees work in your organization?

* 4. What subject is your top training and development priority?

* 5. What subject is your second highest priority?

* 6. What subject is your third highest priority?

* 7. What is the most frequently used method your company uses to train senior executives?

* 8. What is the most frequently used method your company uses to train and develop mid-level employees?

* 9. What is the most frequently used method your company uses to train and develop entry-level employees?

* 10. How do you predict your L&D budget will change in 2017?

* 11. How do you assess the impact of L&D on staff?

* 13. How many days of training does an average staff member receive per year?

* 14. What is the average retention rate of your staff?

* 15. How satisfied is your staff according to your latest employee engagement survey?

* 16. How do you think your L&D department performs in comparison to your organization's competitors?

* 17. What is the biggest challenge your L&D team faces?

* 18. How much does your L&D program contribute to your organization?

* 19. How does your L&D program measurably contribute to your organization?

* 20. Would you describe your organization as having a culture of learning?

* 21. Does the top management of your organization value L&D?

* 22. What technologies will your L&D department utilize in 2018?

* 23. How does your L&D department foster a culture of learning?

* 24. How do you engage the highest levels of your organization in L&D?

* 25. What awards (if any) has your L&D department won?

* 26. Leave your email address below to receive an early copy of the survey results.

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