UNIV 101/201 2013 Instructor Agreement Information

We appreciate your interest in becoming part of the dynamic movement to help educate and retain NIU’s first-year students. During Fall 2012, 79 instructors taught sections of UNIV 101/201 to 1,601 students. Many of these instructors have shared that teaching this course is one of the most rewarding experiences they have had at NIU. In this application, you will find or be asked to be provide the following information:

-Selection Process
-Course Objectives
-Expectations of UNIV 101/201 Instructors
-Instructor Information (for New and Returning Instructors)
-Question and Answer (New Instructors ONLY)
-Section Day/Time Preference
-Classroom Preference
-Instructing Preference
-Recommendation for potential UNIV Instructors
-Extra Compensation Information
-UNIV 101/201 Teaching Contract Electronic Signature