* 1. Do you promise to answer all the questions below honestly?

* 2. Address

* 3. List 2 specific outcomes you want to achieve in the next 30 days while working with 29again

* 4. What or who could hold you back from reaching your desired outcomes? Please be specific

* 5. Are you willing to walk away from controllable factors, toxic relationships and tempting distractions that could inhibit your progress?

* 6. What fitness goal did you try to reach in the past yet failed at? Why did you fail?

* 7. What was your greatest success with achieving a health related goal in your life? Why did you succeed?

* 8. What assistance could we provide for you that would drastically improve your chances of succeeding? Please be specific.

* 9. When you achieve your desired goal will you let other people know where you received your fitness coaching and refer people for us to speak with? Will you help others find joy in being fit?

* 10. Do you promise to do your best to keep your appointments and to follow instructions?

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