Jewelry Making Survey

I am interested in finding out what crafters think about jewelry kits. I have a few kits that I have sold both retail and wholesale, and I am thinking of expanding into more kits. I would appreciate your thoughts.

* 1. What types of jewelry do you make most often?

* 2. What type of jewelry would you like to learn to make?

* 3. How would you describe your level of skill when it comes to making jewelry?

* 4. Have you ever purchased a jewelry making kit of any kind?

* 5. If you have purchased jewelry making kits, which of the following categories would they fit into best? (Choose more than one if necessary)

* 6. Have you ever purchased jewelry making tutorials that included instructions only and no materials to make the jewelry?

* 7. What type of jewelry making kit would you consider purchasing? (Choose more than one if necessary.)

* 8. Have you ever joined any type of craft related kit club where you join for a flat fee and receive a kit each month?

* 9. If you were to join a jewelry kit club, rank which type of kit would appeal to you most?

* 10. Assuming you would receive a quality product at any price level, rank what you think would be a reasonable price (including shipping) if you were to join a three month kit club (meaning you would receive one jewelry kit a month for three months in a row)?