Should the NCC qualification period be changed from 3 years to 2 years

The FTC has received a number of requests to shorten the qualification period for the NCC.

Currently the qualification is based on receiving at least one placement in the 3 field trial years (FTY) prior to the next NCC.  "A field trial year (FTY) begins on the first day of the prior NCC and runs through the first day of the next NCC."  Currently, using a 3 FTY qualification, there are 122 dogs qualified for the 2018 NCC, plus any additional dogs that may qualify before the start of the 2018 NCC.  If we change to 2 FTY qualification period: we have about 43 dogs currently qualified, meaning a number of dogs previously qualified will have to re:qualify in addition to new dogs that will qualify
before the 2018 NCC. The FTC maintains a list of qualified dogs that is available upon request from any member of the FTC.

The purpose of the shortened qualification period is three fold: 1) Increase the competition at local trials by causing more seasoned dogs to be entered versus being "put on ice" until the next NCC.  2)  Increase participation at local Open events due to the shorter qualification period  3)  Make the number of entries for a NCC more manageable.  In 2017 there were 91 dogs entered in the NCC and the number of dogs running in trials is growing substantially.  As the sport grows we will eventually have to either shorten the qualification period or increase the number of points needed to qualify.

The FTC is requesting input from the field as to changing the qualification period.  Please help us by answering the two survey questions below.

This survey should only be completed by owners of dogs actively running field trials, whether or not your currently qualified.  Your responses will be used by the FTC in making a decision about the qualification requirements for a dog to run in a NCC..

Thank You:

Your 2017 Field Trial Committee

Please complete this survey no later than May 15, 2017.

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* 1. I am in favor of changing the NCC qualification period from 3 FTY (field trial years) to 2 FTY (field trial years)?

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* 2. If a new 2 FTY qualification period is adopted, it should become effective for 

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* 3. Complete your contact information below if you want the FTC to consider your answers in making a decision.