Teen SRP Prize Cateogries

Summer may still be months away, but I'm busy planning Summer Reading! This year we will be having prize pack drawings for our big end of summer prizes. Each prize pack will consist of several items. You will be able to choose which prize pack your entry will count towards, and there will be opportunities to earn multiple entries.

Tell us which themes sound the best to YOU! Choosing the theme as your favorite does not guarantee it will be chosen for a library SRP prize pack theme. These prize packs will be for teens ages 12-18, grades 6-12, participating in SRP programs at the library and/or the SRP reading program. Unfortunately, prize packs for themes like gaming and technology will not include games, gaming consoles, tablets, and similar items.

* 1. What are your favorite themes from those listed below? Please choose your top 4.

* 2. What type of SRP programs at the library would you like to attend?

* 3. What is your age?

* 4. Did you participate in the Reading Program last summer?

* 5. Do you plan to participate this year?