Please take time and complete the parent survey about your school. Thank you.

* 1. My child/children attend

* 2. Grade levels of your children attending this school:

* 3. Language(s) spoken at home (if other than English)

* 4. The best way to let you and/or your family know of upcoming events/workshops is (check your 2 best methods):

* 5. How many family/parenting events have you attended that were offered by the school?

* 6. If you did not attend many family/parenting events, please specify why (check all that apply):

* 7. How often do you communicate with teachers about your child's performance?

* 8. Were you asked about your interests, talents and availability for volunteering at school?

* 9. If you have volunteered, please indicate the activities and the frequency.

  Never 1 Time 2-3 Times 3 or more times
Helping on trips or at parties
Sharing food, stories, and customs from your culture
Assisting in the classroom
Leading a club and/or activities
Assisting with events at the school
Serving on committees such as SIC/Title I Committee or PTA

* 10. If you have not volunteered at the school, please indicate why:

* 11. What kind of family/parenting programs would you like the school to offer you and your family?

* 12. Please check the answer which best reflects your opinion (leave blank if not applicable)

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree I don't know
I feel welcomed when I visit my child's school.
My child's school provides a safe environment for my child.
Written communications from the school are clearly written and in a language I can understand.
Teachers provide suggestions on ways I can help my child at home.
The school offers family/parenting events to help parents understand the learning needs of their child and strategies for working with their child.
The school actively seeks ideas from parents on school-related issues.
School staff considers my opinion when it comes to decisions concerning my child.
I believe parents are very involved in planning and evaluating school programs.
Family/parenting events that I have attended helped me better understand my child's needs.
I have used techniques offered in the family/parenting events.
I believe that my child has improved his/her skills and/or behaviors as a result of using the techniques suggested in the family/parenting events.

* 13. Other comments or suggestions on how the school can create better connections with families: