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Thank you for your interest in the League of Women Voters of Oakland.  We depend on volunteers to carry out our mission of voter education and advocacy in the community. We invite your help.  Please fill out this survey: let us know your interests and whether you are available to participate in League activities.  For more information, see our website, www.lwvoakland.org, send an email to info@lwvoakland.org or call (510) 834-7640.

LWVO’s priorities for the coming year include:

Government Oversight: Work with other organizations and with City Councilmembers on procedures, and possibly ordinances, to provide more time and transparency in the preparation of ballot measures, including initiatives.

Train LWVO members to analyze legislative proposals and ballot measures and prepare recommendations based on League positions.

Campaign Finance Reform: Follow Public Ethics Commission's work on reform of Oakland's public financing system; encourage adoption of voucher system to be in place for 2020 election. Participate in public outreach and education to build support for the new system.

Redistricting in Oakland: Work to ensure that the City meets its administrative responsibilities to create an Independent Redistricting Commission. Work with Oakland Rising and other community organizations to do outreach and community education about Redistricting Commission and the process of redistricting.

OUSD Community of Schools and Budget Issues: Monitor and analyze Oakland Unified School District's development of its Community of Schools Policy. Follow negotiations to deal with the major budget issues facing the district.

Proposition 13 Reform: Work with LWV California to educate the public about the measure on the November 2020 ballot to reform property tax laws to require certain commercial and industrial real property to be taxed based on fair-market value.


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