* 2. What do you do with household recyclables( e.g., bottles,cans,cardboard or paper)?

* 3. What do you do with yard trimmings?

* 4. What do you do with food scraps?

* 5. What do you do with leftover hazardous products (e.g., chemicals, paint, automotive fluids, pesticides, batteries, fluorescent lamps, mercury containing products)?

* 6. What do you do with electronic waste (e.g., computers, monitors, computer peripherals, printers, and televisions)?

* 7. Which of the following construction or demolition project wastes do you know can be recycled in your region?

* 8. Do you currently pay for your trash based on:

* 9. Which of the following materials are currently banned from disposal in landfills?

* 10. What changes will you need to make to comply with the new Universal Recycling Law, also known as Act 148, as it goes into effect?