1. Introduction

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Greetings. Thank you, for your time and consideration.

Thank you for volunteering your time to give me feedback, so that I can improve the quality of the Lulu.com ODF templates.

I created these Lulu.com ODF publishing templates, but I am not content to just share them with you. I want these templates to be as easy to use as possible, and I want these templates to have the most innovative features possible. I want to try to make these templates the best Lulu.com ODF templates available.

Your part to play in this is to try the ODF templates at least once, then to answer these 10 survey questions as honestly as possible. When you provide this information, you'll be doing your part to ensure that ODF becomes the option for professional, amateur, and hobbyist book publishing.

Nothing personal about you specifically will be shared with anybody. All information about the participants will be shared only in aggregate.

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Sincerely, and with thanks,
Eugene T.S. Wong