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Informed Consent Form for Human Research Subjects


You are being asked to volunteer in a research study called Business Hacking: A case study of Business Information Systems, conducted by Donald Wright, a doctoral student at Palmer School of Library and Information Science. This project will be supervised by Dr. Gregory Hunter, Advisor, Palmer School of Library and Information Science. The purpose of the research is to explore why backdoors remain in business information systems even though they are the primary gateways for hackers to exploit their systems.

As a participant, you will be asked to take part in an individual questionnaire and a virtual interview to share your experience in understanding how hacking occurs in business information systems and information flow between the hackers and the networks. The online survey will take approximately 15 minutes, and the virtual interview will take approximately 45 minutes. If you participate in both the survey and the interview, your total time commitment will be about 1 hour. The interview will schedule at your convenience through Zoom at a time we both agree on. There are no foreseeable risks associated with your involvement in this study. While there is no direct benefit for your participation in the study, it is reasonable to expect that the results may provide information of value for the field of business system security and information science.

Your identity as a participant will remain confidential. Your name will not be included in any forms, questionnaires, etc.  This consent form is the only document identifying you as a participant in this study; it will be securely stored in the investigator's home in a locked cabinet available only to the investigator.  Data collected will be stored for further research and destroyed at the end of a legally prescribed period.  Results will be reported only in the aggregated data.  If you are interested in seeing these results, you may contact the principal investigator. 

Although your I.P. Address will not be stored in the survey results, there is always the possibility of tampering from an outside source when using the Internet for collecting information. While the confidentiality of your responses will be protected once the data is downloaded from the Internet, there is always the possibility of hacking or other security breaches that could threaten the confidentiality of your responses.

If you have questions about the research, you may contact the student investigator, Donald Wright,, the faculty advisor Dr. Gregory Hunter, (516) 299-2171or the department chair, Dr. Bea Baaden, (516) 299-3818.  If you have questions concerning your rights as a subject, you may contact the Institutional Review Board Administrator, Dr. Lacey Sischo (516) 299-3591.

Your participation in this research is voluntary.  Refusal to participate (or discontinue participation) will involve no penalty or loss of benefits.

By clicking the "Agree to Participate" button below, you are indicating that you have fully read the above text and have had the opportunity to print the consent form and ask questions about the purposes and procedures of this study. Clicking this button serves as your electronic signature agreeing to participate in this study. If you choose not to participate, please click the "Decline to Participate" button below or simply close your browser.
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