Informed Consent

Dear Participant

I am Clementia Eugene, Lecturer at the University of Aruba and a PhD Candidate of the University of Suriname.  I am conducting a national survey on ‘The Perceptions, Attitudes and Opinions about Adult Sexual Behavious with Children and Children’s Evolving Human Capabilities in Aruba.’  The research is part of my PhD Research. It is being conducted in collaboration with the Department of Social Affairs and the Social Crisis Plan.

For the purpose of this survey, a child refers to a person under the age of 16 years.

Why is the survey being done?
The purpose of the survey is to explore our perceptions, attitudes and opinions about child sexual abuse in Aruba. The findings of the survey will contribute towards guiding policy and targeted prevention and intervention services and programs that are culturally sensitive to protect our children and support families.

What will happen in the survey?
You will answer 134 questions that will take about 30 minutes. The questions require your views about child sexual abuse, and your perceptions about the capabilities of children.  There are also some questions about yourself.

Is it confidential and anonymous?
Yes. Your name will not appear anywhere on the survey and it will not be possible to be identified. Neither will your name be in the report of the survey.

What are the risks?
Some of the questions may bring up unpleasant memories from your childhood and you may feel distress. If this happens, contact any of the agencies on the Information Card you will find at the end of the survey.

What are the benefits?
You can feel good by letting your voice be heard and help us make better decisions for a brighter future for our children in Aruba. Ultimately, the development of our children, families and community will be sustained by the research findings and recommendations.

What if you want to stop? 
You can stop at any time during the survey. If there is a question you find too difficult to answer, just go to the next question.

There is no particular reason why you have been selected to do the survey, this was quite random. We hope you are willing to complete the survey.  If, you do not wish to, this is fine. 

Question Title

* 1. I agree to take part in the survey.

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