Please help us evaluate the library's new space and identify our community's needs and desires.

* 1. Do you, or do members of your family use the Roslyn Public Library?

* 2. If yes, how do you use the library?

* 3. If no, what keeps you from using the library?

* 4. Have you visited the newly renovated library since it moved back into the Old City Hall?

* 5. What do you like about the new space?

* 6. Is there anything you think should change when the library moves back upstairs once the building renovation is complete?

* 7. Is there anything you dislike about the new space?

* 8. Please help us determine what new things we could add to the library in coming years by telling us how much you would use the following, if they were available:

  Never Sometimes Often
Downloadable music
Heirloom seed collection
Graphic novels for adults
Movies in blu-ray format
Seattle Times subscription
iPads for use in the library
Kindles for checkout
Digital printing machine
Online homework help
Foreign languages software
Self-checkout machine
More open hours
More cooperation among local libraries
New York Times subscription
Video and photo editing software
Technology classes
Consult an expert service (one-on-one meeting with a beekeeper, pie maker, technology whiz, etc.)

* 9. What do you feel that you or other members of our community need that the library could provide?

* 10. Is there anything the library is currently doing that you think it should NOT be doing?