This form will register you for the plenary session and hands-on workshop for the COMPASS: Finding your Message events. Please choose the events you would like to attend.

Events Include:

9:00-10:30 am: Finding your Message Plenary Session (unlimited attendees, required attendance for those participating in the hands-on afternoon session) (Nau 101)

1:00-5:00 pm : Finding your Message Hands-on Workshop (25 attendees, must agree to stay the entire workshop duration) (WAITLIST ONLY)

Overview: Students and Postdocs who can effectively share their research with journalists,
decision-makers, and the public increase the impact of their work. Make plans to attend this
plenary session and hands-on workshop that offers useful skills for upper-level graduate students and postdocs.

Plenary Session: Students will explore the latest thinking on effective science communication and engagement;learn tools for developing clear messages about complex research findings; and practice
talking about what their research is finding - and why it matters - in clear, lively terms.
Presented by Liz Neeley, Assistant Director of Science Outreach at COMPASS.

Hands-on Workshop:During the hands-on workshop, Participants will learn how to:
• Identify key messages arising from their research and professional activities, with an emphasis on explaining “so what”;
• Appreciate the day-to-day pressures, constraints, and needs of different audiences, and be able to refine and reframe their messages accordingly;
• Recognize and refine their use of technical jargon;
• Refine a raw idea for a blog post into an appealing concept and lede;
• Become more familiar with opportunities for science communication in social media; and
• Effectively use Twitter

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