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The Importance of the DRAFT Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan

This Plan is needed to coordinate action across the watershed with supporting agencies such as the Provincial government. The draft Plan outlines actions and recommendations for watershed lands, the shoreline and the lake itself.

The Plan must reflect the Pigeon Lake community priorities and key considerations.  With enough support from the community, the Plan will guide and coordinate the actions of a wide range of people including stewardship groups, municipal councils, residents, planners and development officers, residents, farm operators, business owners and others who care for the lake. 

This survey is your opportunity to voice your support or concerns about parts of the plan and to suggest improvements!  Through the PLWMP website, the PLWA and municipal communications, the Steering Committee will publish a summary of the survey and let you know about the finalized Plan.  Once finalized, the Plan will be the basis for action over the next few years and be updated as needed.

Please review the Draft Plan document first and/or come to one of our Open Houses (June 3rd or June 10th, details on website) then fill out this survey.  If you have not, you are still welcome to do the survey though you'll have to skip some questions, other questions have reference links to the relevant sections of The Plan.  Find the link to the DRAFT Plan at .  Surveys may only be submitted once. 

We need to know whether the draft Plan is readable; if you support the contents and if not, why not; and what improvements would make a difference. 

Your answers are confidential in that if you wish us to know who you are, you have to add your name and number at the end.  If you have further questions or want to hear from one of us, please email

This survey will only remain open until the end of the day June 12th 

THANK-YOU for participating in a critical part of making more progress on the work for the health of the lake. 

PLWMP PLAN 2017 Steering Committee