1. About Your WebQuest

This survey is intended to be completed by those who have developed at least one WebQuest. The purpose is to gather data that will help me prioritize my efforts to make it easier to create high quality WebQuests. The first step towards that end is to establish where the bottlenecks are. I have my own hunches, but I need your input to see what's really going on. This survey should take no more than ten minutes to complete.

* 1. First, all your answers in this survey should focus on a single, specific WebQuest you have created. Please pick one, even if you've made half a dozen. Got one?

Describe chronologically which WebQuest you'll be describing, relative to any others you've written.

I'm describing the...

* 2. What is the name of the WebQuest you're describing?

* 3. If you know it, what's the URL?

* 4. Describe the circumstances under which you developed this WebQuest.

I developed it...

* 5. Describe the format you used to create your WebQuest.

* 6. Describe your own teaching experience at the time that you developed this WebQuest.

How many years in the classroom did you have when you wrote it?

* 7. What grade level was the principal target of your WebQuest?