* 1. What is your occupation?

* 2. What is your practice type?

* 3. Which of the following do you use for new products, news and regulations, and practice management?

  New Products News and Regulations Practice Management
Conferences & Trade Shows
Product Publications
Manufacturer, or Distributor Sales Reps
Peer-reviewed Journals
Websites focused on Plastic Surgery Industry
Email Communication
Electronic Newsletters
Online Directories or Online Buyer's Guides
Webinars, Online Seminars, Web Events, Online Videos, Industry Podcasts
Professional Networking Sites, Social Networking sites, Blogs, RSS Feeds
Continuing Education

* 4. Which of these (if any) publications do you read on a regular basis?

  Print Online Both
Cosmetic Surgery Times
Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
Plastic Surgery Practice
Plastic Surgery News

* 5. Which print publications do you consider to be the most:

  Comprehensive Content Quality Appealing Useful
Cosmetic Surgery Times
Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
Plastic Surgery Practice
Plastic Surgery News

* 6. If you could only read one publication, which one would it be?

* 7. If you could choose only one publication to help make purchasing decisions, which one would it be?

* 8. Which E-Newsletters do you read on a regular basis?

* 9. Which websites do you visit on a regular basis (at least monthly)?

* 10. What is your most preferred industry website?

* 11. What is the most important topic you like to read or hear about?

* 12. What are your top uses for websites and e-newsletters?

* 13. What do you find to be the most valuable e-newsletter information?

* 14. How much time do you spend reading, scanning or viewing the following sources each week:

  Less than 1 hour per week 1 to 2 hours per week 3 to 4 hours per week Greater than 4 hours per week N/A
Print publications
Peer-reviewed journals
Industry websites
Digital Editions
Professional networking sites
Social networking sites
3rd party e-mails
Downloading white papers
Registering for content

* 15. How do you prefer to receive your news?

* 16. Which of the following actions have you taken as a result of reading an advertisement in Plastic Surgery Practice?

* 17. Do you own an iPad?

* 18. Do you feel that your website attracts new clients?