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Terms & Conditions

Volunteer Code of Conduct

As a volunteer at the Regatta, I agree to contribute to the success of the event by:

-Exhibiting at all times a positive and friendly approach with the purpose of ensuring event attendees and volunteers have an enjoyable and memorable experience;

-Promoting the event at all times as a fun, interesting and diverse event;

-Acknowledging the importance of our individual contributions to the total effort involved in providing a happy and comfortable, yet safe and structured environment;

-Always demonstrating the volunteer ethic by being mindful of situations requiring attention or resolution. This may involve alerting the team leader or volunteer coordinator for issues such as (injury, illness, missing wristbands, unacceptable behaviour) or resolving the issue on the spot (ad hoc rubbish removal);

-Respecting and assisting each other to the best of our ability

-Respecting all people we come in contact with regardless of their race, religion, colour or age;

-Being aware of any issues that may cause problems and report to the team leader or Volunteer Coordinator;

-Following the Foundation’s Workplace Health & Safety Policy;

-Ensuring we are not under the effects of drugs or alcohol while volunteering;

-Ensuring that we have an attitude of safety first in all of our activities

In this capacity, I agree to

-Abide by the Code of Conduct and any regulations and laws

-Carry out my volunteer tasks according to the rostered hours

-Contact the Volunteer Coordinator as early as possible if circumstances prevent my being able to undertake volunteering at the event

-Contact the Volunteer Coordinator as early as possible if circumstances prevent my commencing a shift at the scheduled time
not partake in alcohol or drugs while on a shift or before a shift and not to report for duty while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

-Dress appropriately for the event as agreed to with the Volunteer Coordinator

-Undertake my role in a safe manner and not undertake any unsafe activities

-Not talk to the media or make public comments whilst fulfilling my volunteer role
If I breach the Code of Conduct, I acknowledge I may be relieved of my duties and escorted from the event. Such conduct may also result in denial of future volunteer applications.

By submitting this form, I agree to the conditions and conduct specified within the volunteer form.