Thank you for taking the time to complete this important, completely anonymous survey.  We understand that completing this survey might raise painful memories of traumatic events.  Please know it’s fine to skip questions or to set this aside and come back to it later.
OLA has been working with the families and victims of child sexual assault and abuse for over 5 years. We have identified gaps in the system that either stop victims and families from coming forward to report these crimes or create confusion about how reports are processed afterwards. We have found that these gaps can be challenging and damaging to all victims, regardless of their race/ethnicity, and they need to be addressed with survivors leading the conversation.
The goal of this survey is to work in collaboration with other organizations and institutions to create an East End commitment to best practices that will allow child victims and families to feel fully supported, respected, and communicated with during every phase of the legal process, with links to mental and emotional support throughout.
We encourage you to take care of your safety and wellbeing.  If you are in crisis or need help, please contact: 911 or local police, VIBES at 631-360-3730, and/or OLA at 631-899-3441 or any other trusted advocacy organization.

Please base your answers on the experience of only one person. After submitting this survey, if you would like to start a new one about the experience of another person, we invite you to do so.