Recent feedback at a National consultation meeting following HAL's demise showed that the Industry lacks key information about itself.
In NSW we now have a new Minister for Primary Industry and we are going to have a meeting with him soon. Since there is no data collection we wish to take a snapshot of our Industry so that we can brief him about what our Industry is about and what we represent to the NSW economy. At the moment the information that is available is inaccurate and misrepresents us.

Please respond as accurately as you can. At the end of the survey is also a free text area where you can put what issues are troubling you so that we can collate these as well.
The results of this survey will not disclose who you are and are confidential - only collated material will be given to the Minister and disseminated to members.

Question Title

* 1. Please select which one of the following represents your business average annual turnover ($) in the last 3 years