1. Why REMOSA needs your expertise.

IMI Remosa is currently working on a promising new technology for the real time measurement of erosion depth in refractory lined structures used in FCC service.  A network of many probes can be installed through a single nozzle with the depth of erosion corresponding to the shortening of each probe tip.  A single, centralized monitoring station would then be used to monitor all erosion probes in all of the most critical areas of the FCC plant (including cyclones, air grid, slide valves, feed nozzles...) and provide feedback to the DCS and/or the cloud.

The technology has two different versions with different performances and different operating temperatures:

1.       HIGH RESOLUTION. Low temperature (<700°C) high resolution. This technology can provide a quasi-infinitive resolution and instantaneous erosion rate calculation for the FCC reactor.

2.       HIGH TEMPERATURE. High temperature (<900°C) low resolution. This technology can provide a 2mm erosion resolution and can operate in the FCC regenerator.

IMI Remosa began developing and testing this technology based on the interest of some of our end users.  As always, customer feedback is the backbone of our success and growth and to better serve the entire FCC community, we extend to you this short survey to measure your interest in this technology.
Please feel free to forward the questionnaire to anyone is interested in FCC health monitoring.