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My name is Kanika Marshall and I am the owner/artist for Kanika African Sculptures (www.KanikaMarshall.com), which has been in existence since 1993. I create exotic mixed-media sculptures using red clay with yummy colors and textures, as well as fabric, leather, glass, metal, shells, and a host of other interesting found objects.

I have been wanting to get a better idea of how I can improve my Kanika African Sculptures business and just found this great survey program that will help me do that.

So would you please take five minutes to fill out this survey and let me know what you think of my sculpture business? I would love your honest feedback and suggestions for improvement. For your trouble, you would receive 20% off any one of my non-gallery art pieces.

* 1. How did you learn about my Kanika African Sculptures art business?

* 2. Have you ever purchased a sculpture from me? If yes, please answer questions #1 through #8. If you have not purchased anything yet, please proceed to answering question #9.