* 1. Are you able to see strengths in others' Communication Style?

* 2. Do you know your blind spots as a Communicator?

* 3. Do you consider your intention before a significant conversation?

* 4. Does your intention drive your communication style and process? 

* 5. Do you know your stress signs?

* 6. Can you see stress signs in others?

* 7. Does this change how and when you communicate?

* 8. Can you emotionally manage when you are stressed?

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The more times you answer "Yes" the more Intentional you are as a Communicator. If there are areas you struggle with then you can learn more about those areas to improve your communication skills. We offer help and support for each of these areas of Communication strengths and blindspots. If you would like to know more, book a free 15-minute Discovery session or have some one-on-one Coaching then contact us at kylie@kyliewarry.com or Call 1300 707 481.