Welcome to a survey for Left Curve journal's community of readers, writers, poets, and subscribers.

Co-founder and editor of Left Curve journal, Csaba Polony, succumbed to virulent stomach cancer in March of this year.
The 2014 issue of Left Curve, #38, was published July 9, mid-summer rather than a spring so later than is usual for a Left Curve issue but a testament to Csaba's family and friends' determination to honor his life's work.
Left Curve issue #38 represents close to four decades of dedication to a publication that strived to be - and for the most part, succeeded in being - independent from the control of dominant institutions and free from the shackles of instrumental rationality. Left Curve delved into art, intellect, politics, and culture and offered a range of unique voices and ideas.
Leading up to and after Csaba's death the general assumption was that the Left Curve enterprise would fold. Then a the small team that includes members of Csaba's family decided to poll the Left Curve community to solicit ideas on how Left Curve and its legacy might continue.
As a valued member of the Left Curve community, please take a few minutes and share your views about Left Curve and its future in this short survey.