Lady Bosses, what are your businesses?

We are working diligently to structure the club (including meetings, publications, resources, and discounts),in a way that will be most relevant and valuable to our members. By participating in this survey, you are providing us with valuable information that will make the club a better asset for you and your business.

* 1. Please, introduce yourself

* 2. Please, tell us about your business

* 3. Please, tell us some more about your business.

* 4. What type is your business? - I

* 5. What type is your business? - II

* 6. What is the stage of your business?

* 7. How many employees are in your business?

* 8. What area does your business primarily serve?

* 9. What is your annual revenue?

* 10. What is your industry? (please, click everything that applies)