The 2019 State of Compliance survey provides actionable insights into how companies like yours are navigating the expanding regulatory landscape. It evaluates corporate policies, structures and functions in response to regulatory requirements, and delivers unique data you can use to inform your own programs and initiatives. Your participation in this survey, alongside a diverse group of your peers, will contribute to a comprehensive report that will be actioned by professionals across many industries. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and you will receive the report via email in May 2019.

The report responses will be analyzed and shared internally, then distributed in aggregate form in the final report. By submitting a survey response, you are consenting to receive the State of Compliance report. View Assent’s Privacy Policy here.

As a thank you for your valuable participation, a $5 Starbucks gift card will be emailed to you following completion of the survey. You will also have the option to receive a special State of Compliance participant discount for the Supply Chain Insight conference upon completing the survey.