* 1. For our records, please indicate the category that best describes you or the business you represent:

* 2. Please rate the following elements of the conference using the scale below.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A
Exhibit Hall
Vendor Demo Sessions
Professional Development Sessions
General Sessions
Roundtable Discussions
Networking Receptions

* 3. Please rate each General Session using the scale below.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A
Thinking Strategically, While Maintaining a Tactical Focus
RESPA: How Did We Get Here and What Can We Expect Now?
Closing Luncheon with Whitey Herzog

* 4. What did you learn at the roundtable discussions? Were they an effective way of stimulating conversation?

* 5. What did you learn during the general sessions? Were they effective and were topics adequately addressed?

* 6. What did you like most about the exhibit hall?

* 7. How can we improve the exhibit hall for future meetings?

* 8. What types of exhibitors would you like to see at future meetings?

* 9. Please rate the value of the meeting...

  Very Worthwhile Worthwhile Not Worthwhile A Waste of Time
Compared to the cost to attend
Compared to time spent out of the office

* 10. What makes the Business Strategies Conference worthwhile for you to return?

* 11. What could be most improved about the conference?

* 12. Which of the following choices are most important to you when you decide to attend our meetings? 1 = most important, 8 = least important

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Accomodation Expenses
Travel Expenses
Meeting Content
Exhibitor Content
Networking Opportunities
Continuing Education Credits
Sight-seeing Opportunities

* 13. What topics, speakers, or events would you like to see at future conferences?

* 14. Please rate the hotel and accommodations in relation to the cost of attending the meeting.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A
Hotel Accommodations
Hotel Food
Hotel Service
Overall Quality of Your Stay