* 1. How full are your bins each week (bin night)?

  0-25% 25-50% 50-75% 75-100%
Red bin (General)
Yellow bin (Recycling)
Green bin (Garden)

* 2. Compared with last year, do you think your household produces more or less...

  A lot less Slightly less Slightly more A lot more
General waste
Food waste
Waste from broken products/toys

* 3. In the past 2 weeks, about how many of these have your family purchased/received...

  0-5 6-10 11-15 More than 15
Plastic cutlery
Plastic water bottles
Plastic shopping bags
Plastic straws
Takeaway coffee cups

* 4. Where would you normally put these items?

  Red bin (general waste) Yellow bin (recycling) Another collection venue Not sure but would like to know where
Light bulbs
Plastic shopping bags
Other soft plastics (e.g. clingwrap, food packaging)
Printer cartridges
Plastic bottles
Takeaway coffee cups

* 5. When you think about the things that end up in landfill, can you think of:

* 6. What is most likely to influence you making these changes?