* 1. Have you ever been inspired by an animated movie like Star Wars, then acted a scene, behavior, or saying out of the movie in real life?

* 2. Criticism often incites verbal abuse from employees, so did the video prepare you to choose your words wisely?

* 3. Have you ever been advised to not participate in an activity based on a thought provoking video, for example a video on the effects of drug abuse?

* 4. How many times do you hear your coworkers use profanity in the workplace daily?

* 5. How many times do you hear your boss use profanity in the workplace daily?

* 6. How often do your teachers and/ or counselors inform you about the consequences of verbal abuse?

* 7. After watching a PG-13 movie, how likely are you to curse immediately to one hour later?

* 8. Do you think a short video about verbal abuse before a PG-13 movie would be an effective way to prevent verbal abuse in the real world?