1. Welcome to the Survey on Sexual Harassment in the live performance and audiovisual industry

This survey is an initiative of the International Arts and Entertainment Alliance, together with the International Labour Organization, to assess the extent of and responses to sexual harassment in the live performance and audiovisual industry. It will take approximately 15 minutes of your time.
Its objectives are to:
1. Determine how working conditions, specific employment relationships and the sectoral organization of work in the audiovisual and live performance industry may lead to sexual harassment at work (including work-related environments)
2. Identify actions/initiatives, policy frameworks in place, protocols or procedures to respond to sexual harassment at the sectoral level,
3. Identify how workers’ and employers’ organizations in the sector address sexual harassment

Kindly send us your answers by 15 September 2018, at the latest

NOTE: For the purposes of this questionnaire, sexual harassment includes:

• Requests for sexual favors to get/maintain a job, a promotion or other employment conditions or benefits
• Situations at work or in work-related environments causing workers discomfort or humiliation, because of sexually-suggestive behavior or images or hostile conducts directed at someone because of their gender or gender identity;

Examples of sexual harassment can include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Unwanted touching/sexual assault;
• Unwanted sexual advances and comments (including “jokes/banter”);
• Exhibiting or posting sexually-explicit material at work including inappropriate use of nudity, gender-biased or sexual images in work or work-related areas or media (either physical or electronic);
• Repeatedly sending sexually offensive or gender-biased texts or emails,
• Other unwelcome verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature

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