About the project

The following questionnaire is being conducted as part of the LETSCROWD project, funded by the European Commission.  The research aims to overcome challenges preventing the effective implementation of the European Security Model with regards to mass gatherings, developing innovative tools and methodologies for security policy practitioners.

About the survey

This survey aims to explore LEAs and first responders' perception of security and risk with respect to mass gatherings. The following aspects will be addressed:
  • Perceptions of security in mass gatherings events;
  • Perceptions of the actions taken by the police and other law enforcement authorities and stakeholders to combat threats;
  • Perception of the contributions given by new technologies to enhance security (especially in mass gatherings) and their impact on human rights and freedoms.

About your participation

The researchers involved in the project will pre -process the data in an anonymous and confidential manner:
  • All the information collected will be de-identified and treated as confidential by the researchers.  Your demographic information will be used only to contextualize the statistical analysis of the aggregate results, and they will not be published or used in any form, rather than the above mention statistical analysis;
  • All the data will be securely stored and used only for the purpose of the present research, in accordance to the ethical requirements;
  • You can withdraw from the questionnaire at any time without any obligation to explain the reasons for doing so.
The overall results generated from this exercise may be published in journal articles, conference presentations and via any other mode of scientific exchange and dissemination that will be seen as appropriate by the researchers. However, participants’ anonymity will always be protected and all data will be de-identified.

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Thank you for your participation.
LETSCROWD consortium