1. Participant Consent Form

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Consent Form for subjects participating in an electronic research project.

Title of the study: " Swingers and Self-Determination: comparative evaluation of self-determination scores of swingers and
swinging self-satisfaction".

Principal Investigator:
Dr. Edward Fernandes, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Barton College, Wilson, NC

You are asked to read the consent form carefully and decide whether to participate in this study or log off. If you decide to participate you may print a copy of the consent form to keep for your records.

You are being asked to participate in a 16-item survey for the purpose of evaluating the personality characteristics of individuals that participate in the swinging lifestyle and their satisfaction with their swinging activities and experiences. We ask that you complete all sections of the survey.

This survey proposes to gather information from individuals over twenty-one years of age (21) that are actively participating in the swinging lifestyle. For the purposes of this study, swingers are individuals that are married or in a committed, steady relationship where either one or both partners, engages in consensual sexual activities with other individuals with the approval of the other spouse or partner. The results will further the scientific understanding of swingers and the swinging lifestyle.

Your participation is entirely voluntary and you may refuse to participate or may decide to discontinue participation, once you begin. Should you withdraw from the study or should you refuse to participate at any time, your decision will involve no penalty or loss of benefits from the site where you logged in to the study.

Individual participants must be at least twenty one (21) years of age in order to participate.

The procedure begins with the presentation of this consent form and clicking on the “I agree” icon at the bottom of the screen.

The entire survey is expected to take about 10 - 12 minutes to complete. While there are no physical risks associated with the participation in this project, you may experience some discomfort in reviewing your personal feelings, opinions, and attitudes about sex and sexual behaviors. If you experience any adverse reaction and your thoughts continue to disturb you, you may want to talk with a professional counsellor about your feelings.

You will receive no direct benefit from your participation in this study, but your participation will help the investigator understand the social and psychosexual processes involved in the context of the “swinging population”.

Every effort will be made to maintain the anonymity of the data. You will not be asked for your name or any other identifiable markers. The electronic traces of your ISP server are not available to the researcher. Your participation will not be traceable to the
website where the link to the study was made available to you.

The data collected from this project will be used for research purposes only. Your participation and the name of the site where you accessed the survey will not be disclosed when presenting the results of this study. The investigators reserve the right to withdraw your responses at any time and erase the data associated with your responses. Partial response surveys will not be included in the results.

If you have additional queries or concerns, you may contact the primary investigator at efernandes@barton.edu

Clicking the button below acknowledges your voluntary participation in this research project. Such participation does not release the investigator, institution, or sponsor from their professional and ethical responsibilities.

I have read the information provided above and I voluntary agree to participate in this study (button) click here to proceed to the survey.