Urban Survivor's Union - North Carolina

USU- NC is putting together a program for social workers, substance use professionals, nurses, doctors, police officers, pharmacists, public healthworkers etc.  Our goal is to have an honest discussion about what stops people struggling with mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse issues.  Please answer as honestly as possible--this will become part of our program to change the way we treat drug users and directly impacted people. 

* 1. When drug treatment facilities require complete abstinence from all mind and mood altering drugs for me to get help this means:

* 2. Methadone is a drug for the treatment of opiate addiction. I feel like:

* 3. The mental health system, counselors, clinics, and therapists are

* 4. I am honest with doctors most of the time about my substance use

* 5. Have you ever tried harm reduction as a method for reducing your substance use or managing it?