Excellence in Research and Analytics Initiative: Research Facilitation Team

The NCCCCS Excellence in Research and Analytics Initiative is an inter-institutional, multi-year effort to improve Institutional Research capacity at the 58 community colleges. Five diverse teams of college staff and faculty, System Office staff, and external partners are collaborating to plan and provide services to the Great 58. The goal of the Research Facilitation Team, co-chaired by Brad Bostian, Bobbie Frye, and Brandi McCullough, is to assist colleges and individuals with research needs and questions. Use this survey to submit your research questions and needs. The Research Facilitation Team will review your request and will contact you for additional information if needed. Thank you for submitting your ideas for further consideration and possible study.

* 1. Contact information

* 2. What is your research need or question? (Example: Are degree-seeking low-income students completing college-level English and math courses in their first year?)

* 3. Other related information (optional)