1. How livable is your community?

Brought to you by:
The Anna Maria Island Communities for a Lifetime Task Force.

The Communities for a Lifetime Initiative began in 1999 and brings together various collaborations in a community to implement improvements in housing, health and wellness, employment, transportation, education, volunteerism and intergenerational initiatives.

It is an opportunity for people of all ages to unite with the goal to better their community. All three city governments on Anna Maria Island have come together as one to endorse this initiative.

Through the use of local, state and federal resources, communities are able to positively impact all of its residents. The Anna Maria Island Communities for a Lifetime Advisory Committee is conducting an important survey to help assess the needs and to improve the quality of life for all residents.

Hard copies of the survey are available at: any of the three (3) City Halls, the Island Branch Library or the Tingley Memorial Library and the AMI Community Center. The survey may also be mailed to the AMI Community Center, Attention: Communities for a Lifetime, P.O. Box 253, Anna Maria, FL 34216, or returned at any of the above locations.

1. Please give us basic pertinent information:

2. Your Age, Please.

3. Your residence on Anna Maria Island is:

4. How long have you lived at your current address?

5. Other than yourself, how many:

6. In which type of home do you live?

7. When you need to get somewhere, how do you get there?

8. Do you ride the MCAT free Island trolley?

9. Are you an active volunteer in your community?

10. Which provides you with the most information? You may choose to answer each, though only one is required.

11. Do you feel that there are areas which require attention by the Island cities to support your age group?

12. Which activities/programs do you utilize on the island?

13. Please list two (2) activites or programs which you would like to have on the island:

14. Please add additional comments here: