Peel Community Development Group is currently updating its membership database, please read the below frequently asked questions and then respond to the survey questions.

Why be a member of PCDG?
* To make sure you are part of the advocacy and support network for the Peel community and community sector.
* To keep the PCDG Board informed of priority issues as you see them in your work and/or community.
* To ensure we know who to talk with about the challenges and opportunities within the Peel region.

What does it cost?
* Nothing. Membership of PCDG is free – all we need are your current contact details.

How do I join or renew my membership?
* Just respond to the questions below

Can I just be on the PCDG mailing list without being a member?
* Of course. PCDG Is keen to keep people informed of our activities and advocacy work. But given that membership is free, we’d love you to join.  Just respond to the questions below to let us know your preference.

Who are the current board members?
* Have a look here on our website for profiles of each of our current volunteer board members.

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* 2. Please enter your first name

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* 3. Please enter your surname

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* 4. For which organisation do you work or volunteer?

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* 5. What is your position within this organisation?

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