* 1. Pick the categories that best describe you :

  Business Engineering & Design Science
Online Learner

* 2. How important are the following services to you ?

  Very important Important Not important
Past exam papers
Booking seminar rooms
Online helpdesk
Library website
Postal loans for online learners
Document supply
Book collection
Print journals
Library computers
Staff assistance

* 3. What did you do in the library today ?

  Yes No
Asked for staff assistance
Looked at the main collection shelves
Bought printing credit 
Borrowed/returned books
Used printers, copiers, scanners
Used a library computer
Used the reference collection
Chatted but did no study 
Group study
Quiet study
Used a seminar room 
Used the Quick Check

* 4. How often do you use the following resources through the library website ?

  Often Sometimes Never
Past exam papers
Ebrary (ebooks)
Subject pages
Library catalogue
Database user guides
Summon search
Yeats Library Moodle page
EndNote Web

* 5. Where did you meet your school liaison librarian and how was it?

  Very useful Useful Not useful
Reference desk appointment
Computer lab
Student induction
Lecture theatre

* 6. How do you access the library website?

  Never Seldom Often
Smart phone
Personal laptop
College computer

* 7. How would you rate this library on the following ?

  Excellent Satisfactory Poor
Access to computers
Wifi quality
Library website
Print books & journals
Support for online learners (if applicable)
Shelf layout and signage
Library staff assistance
Booking seminar rooms
Quiet study area
Printing & copying service
Air quality
Study atmosphere
IT Services Help desk

* 8. Do you borrow books from the library?

  Yes No Sometimes
Would you like to borrow more books?
Would you like to borrow for longer?
Do you download college ebooks to a device?
Do we have the books for your course?
Do you use the Quick Check?
Do you agree with the penalty points?
Would you prefer your core texts as ebooks?

* 9. How do you manage your references?

  Yes No
Free app
Yeats Library Harvard hand out 
Microsoft Word toolbar option
Summon - short cuts on library website
Cite them right book
1st Cite @ NCI book
Do you need more Referencing instruction? 

* 10. If you would like to add any further comments on the Yeats library service, building or resources please do !