* 1. I wish I had....

* 2. I wish I hadn't...

* 3. The person I admire the most is?

* 4. Whats the one thing you are grateful for?

* 5. What one recommendation would you give someone to live a better life such as....
Travel Europe by backpack.
Skinny dip on a date at least once in your life.
Buy hardback books to read instead of paperbacks
Buy lemonade and cookies from a kids stand anytime you can.
Use real vanilla and never imitation

* 6. I forgive....

* 7. My parents advice i should have taken...

* 8. Whats your favorite quote?

* 9. What one thing should every-person do before they die?

* 10. Where was the best place you have ever been and why?

* 11. Do people ever say you look like a celebrity? If yes, which one?

* 12. How would you like us to quote you?
Most people use first name and the first initial of last name.