Northeast Colorado Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness Partnership

The El Pomar Foundation is providing grant money to the rural school districts in Northeast Colorado to "help students and their families make informed life decisions through meaningful career conversations." The grant will be for three years and then must be sustainable. A related grant from El Pomar is funding the Student to Career Opportunity Initiative (STCO) in six NE Colorado counties .  This grant is supporting career exploration activities with students and paid apprenticeships for high school graduates and college students with employers in the region seeking to hire young talent.  The two grants are working together to support meaningful career pathways for students in the NE region.
The grant requires that we form partnerships among school personnel, parents, and businesses and local communities to take a major role in preparing students for postsecondary and workforce readiness.
There are five goals for the grant
     1.  Develop liaisons among business and communities for students visiting businesses, job shadowing, internships and apprenticeships, mock interviews, etc. opportunities for students in grades K-12.
     2.  Create career fairs
     3.  Provide counselor and teacher Career Development Institutes
     4.  Develop a counselor's network of best practices throughout the schools in this area (school districts within the Northeast BOCES, the East Central BOCES, Districts in Morgan County and the Sterling District
     5. Create an electronic resource center for teachers and counselors, parents, and students
To accomplish this partnership we need your help.  Please take about 5 minutes to complete the following survey.
Thank you
Don Crow, Grant Manager
Kristie Ham, North Area Coordinator
Greg Swiatkowski, South Area Coordinator

* 1. Business Contact Information

* 2. Web address if you have one

* 3. I am interested in being a partner in this grant opportunity for students. Please reference the goals listed in the introductory information above.

* 4. Counties in which your business has locations - indicate multiple locations

* 5. If the location of your business headquarters is outside of the grant counties listed above, please give the location below

* 6. Which of the following Colorado Career Clusters best describes the principal industry of your organization? (mark the one that best describes your business).

* 7. What are the workforce skills you need for your business to be successful? (Mark all that are appropriate)

* 8. Please list other workforce skills you want from your employees.

* 9. What kinds of workforce certificates do you accept in your business?

* 10. I am interested in helping students in the following areas. (Mark all that apply)

* 11. What are your comments or concerns about the project?