1. Name to your Alley

Alleys are the often neglected, corridors running parallel to streets. Naming these humble
lanes breathes life into them, honors their uniqueness, and gives them an identity.  Naming alleys gives neighbors a sense of pride over their shared space. 

Consider the personality and qualities of your alley.  What makes your alley special?
Is there a mural, a unique history, a neighborhood theme, an urban garden along your alley?

Suggest an Alley Name:

Start with the Alley Location 
Enter your Alley's Coordinates 
In the What's My Name box, type in the name you wish to submit.

Please note:
If there is any History or Background information about that alley
include it in the space provided.

Have a back yard get together and talk with your neighbors about your alley name idea.
Agree on a name and create an artful sign for your alley.

1. Location: Enter the 4 coordinates i.e. (Mississippi & Michigan & Mason & Shaver)

2. Name your Alley (suggest a name for an alley!)

3. History or Background (optional)

4. Are you interested in volunteering on the Alley Naming Project?

5. Volunteer Contact Information

Thank you for participating in the Alley Naming Project!
and for your AWESOME Alley Energy!

See the Boise Alleyways Website for submission updates: Bitly.com/BoiseAlleyways