1. Compass Pre-Test

1. Hello Compass Student,

We have put together a survey to make sure that this program, Compass, is making a difference for people your age. We want to make sure that you understand that every question on the survey will remain CONFIDENTIAL. No one will know who you are or how you have answered. Your name will never be used. Your answers will be combined with other students’ answers so that we can only see group responses.
We are asking that you be honest on this survey so that we can truly evaluate the impact Compass has on students.

If you wish to NOT have your information be a part of this survey, click the NO button. If you would like to participate in the evaluation of this program, click YES. 

Thank you,

Compass Staff

2. What school do you attend?

5. What are the first 3 letters of your last name?

7. What do you think that sex includes? Check all that apply.

8. How are Sexually Transmitted Infections passed? Check all that apply.