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Dear Imperial Valley Campus Student:

Pursuant to CSU Chancellor's Executive Order 998, all students studying abroad are required to complete a pre-departure orientation. In order to fulfill this requirement, you must successfully complete this online orientation offered by SDSU's Education Abroad Office.

Before attempting the orientation, please read and understand the SDSU Study Abroad Handbook. Doing so will help you master basic information about SDSU study abroad policies and procedures, health and safety, and adapting to your host culture. You may wish to keep the handbook open in another window or print it for handy reference.

You must complete this online orientation in one sitting so prepare well before starting. Although you will not be timed, you should set aside at least one hour when you will not be interrupted.

Important: If you do not complete the entire orientation (including the open-ended questions), you will not receive credit, your answers will be erased, and you will receive an email informing you that you must retake the orientation. We apologize for the inconvenience but we are unable to keep partially completed orientations on file.

You must complete this orientation by the appropriate deadline below:

* November 30th for spring semester placement
* April 15th for fall semester or academic year placement

Please enable cookies and allow pop-up windows in your browser.

Special thanks to Dr. Paul Hunstberger at New Mexico State University and the Center for Intercultural Learning in Hull, Quebec, Canada

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