1. Programming Survey

Dear Fellow Wayland Residents,

We at the Wayland Library would like to make our library the best resource that we can for residents of our community. As part of that process, we are exploring possible events that our adult users would find relevant and interesting enough to attend. If there are activities and/or interests that you have that you would like to share with others or that you would like to learn more about, we would be interested to hear about them. Perhaps we can do something to bring you together with others who share your interest and enthusiasm.

Following is a list of possible topics that you might find relevant to your life and needs. Please check all that apply and let us know by returning the information to us. If our list does not include topics that are important to you, please feel free to list them in the space provided at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your help and for your interest.

* 1. Please indicate the types of programs that most interest you. (You may choose more than one.)


  Most likely Likely Unlikely No
Fiction Book Discussion Groups
Non-fiction Book Discussion Groups
Meet-the-Author Programs
Health and wellness (physical and emotional well being) workshops
Employment challenges after 50 (re-careering, job hunting, working after "retirement")
Programs exploring social or political issues
Programs on historical topics
Planning for life after retirement
Financial planning and/or money management on a fixed income
Downsizing and/or relocating after retirement
Caregiving for aging/disabled parents or friends
Gardening and/or home repair
Genealogy (researching your family history)
Writing your life or family story and/or taking oral histories from other family members
Hands-on computer classes
Presentations on technology topics
Film Viewing and/or discussion
Reading/Discussion series on literature, history, or current events
Volunteer opportunities information fair
Performing Arts programming
Hands-on arts & crafts workshops or classes (e.g. beading, knitting, painting)
A social evening of board games (Scrabble, Backgammon, etc.)

* 3. If you have some ideas for additional topics for programs, please feel free to fill them in here:

* 4. Do you have a passion, interest, or expertise in a subject that you would like to share with others as a program at the library? If so, please indicate below topics of programs that you could present.
(Put a phone number or email address on one of the lines if you are willing to be contacted about this.)

* 5. If you're interested in helping the library plan adult programs, please leave your contact information here and we will be in touch.

You're finished!
Press the "Done" button at the bottom of the page to submit the survey and THANKS for filling it out.

The survey is part of a grant that is funded through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners with funds from LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act), a Federal source of library funding provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. EqualAccess Libraries is a professional development program sponsored by Libraries For the Future (LFF).