Alternate Assessment Based on Alternate Achievement Standards (AA-AAS)

Students with significant cognitive disabilities take an AA-AAS when they meet EED's eligibility criteria, including that they cannot take the Standards Based Assessment - even with accommodations. Alternate assessments were first established by the IDEA in 1997 and later supplemented by NCLB in 2001.

Purpose: The goal of this survey is to better understand the impact that the Alaska Alternate Assessment (AKAA) is having on the educational programs that serve students with significant cognitive disabilities. We would like to hear from all Qualified Assessor and Qualified Mentor-Trainers on a number of issues that relate to the administration of the assessment and the use of the results. We are focusing on the transition toward using the new Alaska State Standards this year, 2013.
Confidentiality: This is a confidential survey. You will be asked questions based upon your role this year, up to a total of 25 questions, plus a demographic section.