* 1. Please rate the following activities for Community Building and Skill Building
Community Building: getting to know potential playing and music friends/learning how to relate to people musically
Skill Building: learning how to arrange for a group/practicing performing, reading music, jamming and playing for dances
Rating 1-5 (1=not very helpful 5=exceptionally helpful) **please rate only if you participated in that activity**

* 2. Which workshops and sessions did you attend? Please give some feedback on each one.

* 3. Regarding classes, please check which you prefer.

* 4. Suggestions for improving our 

* 5. Could you help us identify dulcimer resources around the state?

* 6. Comment on Evening Concerts

* 7. Do you know of a location (facility) in the Denver metro area that would accommodate the festival better?
Basic needs of the facility are 12 workshop rooms, 2 performance spaces, lodging nearby or on site and a vending site for performers books and CDs.

* 8. Do you have suggestions or ideas for us on how to better reach out to more participants for the festival?

* 9. Would you like to volunteer to help with next year’s festival? If so, please provide your name and email

* 10. Is there anything else you’d like to add to the festival? Or how could the festival be even better for you?