1. Class Sizes in P1 and P2

If you have a child in P1 or P2 please take a few minutes to answer these questions about class sizes. Thank you.

* 1. Is your child in P1 or P2?

* 2. If your child is in P1 how many children are in your child's class

* 3. If your child is in P2, how many pupils are in the class?

* 4. How many teachers/learning assistants are assigned to the class?

* 5. If there are MORE than 30 in the class were you given a reason why by the school?

* 6. Do you think it is better for P1 and P2 pupils to be in a smaller class (up to 25 pupils)?

* 7. If you think smaller classes in the early years are important what are your reasons? (Tick as many as you agree with)

* 8. Do you think there are disadvantages to bigger class sizes (especially in the early years?) Tick all that apply

* 9. Did you consider class sizes when applying for a school place for your child

* 10. At the moment class sizes for P1-3 are capped at 30, but there are plans to reduce this to 25 and possibly to 18. Would you be in favour of such reductions in class sizes?

* 11. If you are happy to speak to a journalist about class sizes in Scotland please enter your email address here. Thank you