21things4students - Tech Skills Grades 9-12 HANDS-ONLINE 2017-18

Please complete the following short survey about your Grades 9-12 technology skills.

* 1. I can type multiple pages in a variety of time frames in a range of disciplines.

* 2. I can track changes and use commenting features for peer editing.

* 3. I can highlight, copy and paste text for the purpose of planning, revising, and finalizing.

* 4. I can use advanced formatting skills to align to established citation styles and use page layout features when appropriate.

* 5. I can create presentations using a variety of applications for diverse audiences and purposes.

* 6. I can use appropriate transitions and animations to enhance points and add interest.

* 7. I can use appropriate technology tools (e.g., dictionary, thesaurus, grammar checker, calculator/graphing) to maximize the accuracy of work.

* 8. I can make strategic use of digital media, video, podcast, text, etc., to enhance understanding.

* 9. I can use drawing tools/applications to create work.

* 10. I can use digital note‐taking skills while viewing online videos.

* 11. I can develop, select and use appropriate graphic organizers in their work.

* 12. I can use Web browsing to access information (e.g., enter a URL, access links, create bookmarks/favorites, print Web pages).

* 13. I can use and modify databases and spreadsheets to analyze data and propose solutions.

* 14. I can use effective search strategies for locating and retrieving electronic information.

* 15. I can use source analysis strategies to determine the credibility of search results (e.g. existence of cross references, domain name examination (.org, .edu., .com, etc.), date of last update, etc.).

* 16. I can write correct in‐text citations and reference lists for text and images gathered from electronic sources