21things4students - Tech Skills Grades 9-12 BASICS 2017-18

Please complete the following short survey about your Grades 9-12 technology skills.

* 1. I can type multiple pages in a variety of time frames in a range of disciplines.

* 2. I can track changes and use commenting features for peer editing.

* 3. I can highlight, copy and paste text for the purpose of planning, revising, and finalizing.

* 4. I can use advanced formatting skills to align to established citation styles and use page layout features when appropriate.

* 5. I can create presentations using a variety of applications for diverse audiences and purposes.

* 6. I can use appropriate transitions and animations to enhance points and add interest.

* 7. I can use appropriate technology tools (e.g., dictionary, thesaurus, grammar checker, calculator/graphing) to maximize the accuracy of work.

* 8. I can make strategic use of digital media, video, podcast, text, etc., to enhance understanding.

* 9. I can use drawing tools/applications to create work.

* 10. I can use digital note‐taking skills while viewing online videos.

* 11. I can develop, select and use appropriate graphic organizers in their work.

* 12. I can use Web browsing to access information (e.g., enter a URL, access links, create bookmarks/favorites, print Web pages).

* 13. I can use and modify databases and spreadsheets to analyze data and propose solutions.

* 14. I can use effective search strategies for locating and retrieving electronic information.

* 15. I can use source analysis strategies to determine the credibility of search results (e.g. existence of cross references, domain name examination (.org, .edu., .com, etc.), date of last update, etc.).

* 16. I can write correct in‐text citations and reference lists for text and images gathered from electronic sources

* 17. If your are going to print this, please ask your teacher. You can type your first name and first letter of your last name or an ID number. Please do not put your whole last name. Thanks